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Emotional Wellbeing with

Funbi Sarras MA DipPsych MBPsS MBACP 

If you're feeling angry, stuck, overwhelmed, empty, anxious or similar; and feel like you want to reach out for support to see you through, then exploring your emotions at Chrysalis Place may bring the kind of transformation you are looking for. 

A service for everyday people


Most, if not all, of us come across challenges as part of our 'normal' lives. Over time, some people find that their lives and persona become more distinctly defined by the challenges, making it seem 'obvious' to those around that they need help.

My emotional wellbeing services can provide a quality of human interaction that enables people - whether or not it is obvious that they are struggling - to transform their experience of life challenges into something beautiful; like personal growth, relationship restoration, peace of mind etc. 


Areas we can work together on include:









Obsessions (or OCD) 

Relationship issues 




Suicidal thoughts


Work related issues


A supportive service


Therapeutic support for life's challenges is provided in many different ways depending on a myriad of factors, including, culture and environment; therapist and client. Essentially, my emotional wellbeing services can provide

  • spaces in time that are dedicated to growth and/or transformation;

  • a quality of human interaction that enables you towards your positive goals;

  • a place where it is safe to connect with your reality, and more.


Upholding your autonomy

The work is collaborative, leaving you ultimately responsible for yourself. This is a positive thing as it highlights your freedom to be who you need to be on your path to becoming more like you want to be.



My Services

I offer a confidential and professional service.

My qualifications include:

  • an MA in Integrative Psychotherapy,

  • a Bachelor's degree level Diploma in Psychology and

  • a Diploma of Higher Education in Counselling and Theology.

I am a member of the British Psychological Society (MBPsS) and a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP).


I work within the ethical guidelines of the BACP.

Me as an emotional wellbeing therapist


My formal training as a psychologist and then an integrative psychotherapist covered various philosophies about the human condition and how to provide effective support through life's challenges by appropriately integrating therapeutic methods. My approach, therefore, incorporates some of the following schools of thought:

  • Humanistic, person-centered philosophies - ensuring authenticity and client autonomy are maintained

  • Cognitive behavioural approaches - helping engage analytically with issues 

  • Existential psychodynamics - understanding the existential nature of internal conflicts


Tools I use include:
  • Art and drama - useful in working through long standing unhelpful coping strategies

  • Mindfulness - useful for Acceptance and Commitment therapies

  • Listening to the body - especially useful in cases of trauma and dissociation


Me as a clinincal supervisor


I am now offering clinical supervision to professionals working in personal health and care. Click below for more information on this service.

How I work


In my private practice, I work with adults who are able to independently enter the agreement we reach for our work together. 


I work with individuals or couples.


I see people for brief periods (3 to 6 sessions); mid-term (3 to 6 months); or long term psychotherapy. My work with my clients is always collaborative. This means we agree on a structure that suits the initial goals of the therapeutic engagement, and the practicalities of working together. We would regularly assess if the process is adequate.


I have regular supervision and attend continuous professional develepment events. 

Contracting for supervision will be scheduled as relevant to your professional and or personal needs.


Service fees

A standard individual session lasts 50 minutes and costs £50 except before 4 pm Monday to Friday when it costs £45.


A standard couples session lasts an hour and costs £65. 90 minute sessions cost £85.

Supervision sessions cost £37 per hour or £55 for an hour and a half.

Concessions may be available. Please contact me to find out.


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